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Checkers Basics

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First references to checkers game are found as early as 1600 B.C in Egyptian paintings and inscriptions at time of the Pharaohs. In England and Scotland checkers are called 'draughts' (pronounced as 'drafts').  There are many versions of checkers played worldwide. At you can play one of the most popular -- Anglo-American version of checkers (see other checkers versions here).

Checkers on board Checkers is a  game for two players. It is played on an 8x8 checkered board, with a dark square in each player's lower left corner.

In checkers, pieces move only on dark squares which are numbered. Numbers are used to record the moves, for example,   if Red moves from square 9 to square 13, then it is recorded as: 9-13

Each player controls its own army of pieces (men). The player who controls Red pieces moves first.  The pieces (also known as 'men') are arranged as shown on the left.

The goal in the checkers game is either to capture all of the opponent's pieces or to blockade them. If neither player can accomplish the above, the game is a draw.

Read more about the rules here.

When you are in the playing area  you can move checkers on the board.  To move a piece on the board, a player clicks on it, drags it to its destination square, and releases the mouse.


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