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Patent pending.  Last database update: August 09, 2000

  • Online : Java based interactive search, analysis of 2 million chess games (1485-present)
  • Online : move pieces on Java chessboard; search and analyze any position for free
  • Online : search games by position, players' names, years, etc. over the Internet for free
  • Online tutor:  interactive study of chess games, generation of PGN
  • ChessLab Interactive Magazine - visual interactive puzzles, instructive games, tutorial
  • Latest world chess news (updated August 2, 2000)
  • Latest Java/frames capable web browsers required.
  • Recommended browsers: Netscape 4.06 or later or Internet Explorer 4.01 or later
  • *ChessLab references on the Web   *ChessLab in Press  *Letters from ChessLab users   

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