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New books on chess openings

Chess Master Jude Acers Recommends..chess books


Bronstein on the King's Indian    New Item

September, 1999

An excellent book by David Bronstein. Chief publication advisor is G. Kasparov.
C3 Sicilian   New Item

October, 1999

By Joe Galagher.Paperback
Queen's Gambit Declined Bg5 Systems

August 1999

By Bogdan Lalic
Nunn's Chess Openings

March 1999

By John Nunn, Joe Gallagher, John Emms.  Paperback 552 pages
A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire

January, 1999

By Aaron Summerscale, Kate Summerscale
Easy Guide to the Queen's Gambit Accepted


January, 1999

By Graeme Buckley, 128 pages
Complete Defense to King Pawn Openings
Complete Defense to King Pawn Openings Description
The advance of king pawn is the most feared opening in chess. In this book, readers find a complete defensive system for Black, which not only limits White's ability to obtain any significant advantage in the opening but allows Black to adopt the flexible Caro-Kann formation, the favorite weapon of FIDE World Champion Anatoly Karpov .
Winning Chess Openings  
Wining Chess openings


by Yasser Seirawan
The book covers basic opening priciples, king and queen pawn openings, and defenses as well.  The reader will develop a solid understanding of opening play without having to memorize a dizzying array of opening lines.

Secrets of the Sicilian Dragon  
Secrets of the Sicilian Dragon by Eduard Efimovich Gufeld, et al
Modern Chess Openings MCO-13
Modern Chess Openings MCO-13 A virtual bible of openings.
The book is divided into five major segments covering symmetrical King's Pawn openings, semi-open King's Pawn defenses, Queen's Pawn
openings, Indian Defense systems, and flank openings. MCO-13 belongs on the shelf of every serious chess enthusiast.
Easy Guide to the Panov-Botvinnik Attack  by Jacob Aagaard
The Scotch Game  Batsford Chess Opening Guides by Peter Wells. October 1998, 144 pages
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