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Eric Schiller is an author of many books for chess players. In 100 Awesome Chess Moves, Schiller uses examples taken from life tournaments to present multiple strategy and tactical ideas. Learn these original moves and they will enhance your game playing skill level.
The book contains 33 classic games with very detailed, elementary notes on the moves. A great format for explaining the game to a beginning player.
Nimzowitch was probably in the top five in the world in the late 1920s, and an original thinker. This book presents a number of important strategical ideas that all chessplayers should know, e.g. blockade, weak colour complexes. Nimzo had a number of catchy terms which help people remember them, e.g. a passed pawn's lust to expand, absolute 7th rank. The book also contains instructive annotated games.
Children and Chess deftly explores the contribution which the game can have with respect to enhancing children's reading, math, science, and social studies skills. Providing a remarkably comprehensive grasp of the game's value for a child's intellectual skill development, Children and Chess is very strongly recommended reading for teachers and homeschooling parents of young students searching for a fun and highly educational activity.
This is one of the funniest, clearest writen, best annotated books on chess there is. It sounds like it was written for children, and you have a child....or ever WERE a child, you will see it's charm. However, adults will love this book too. It is both informative and very funny. The illustrations alone are enough reason to own this book, but the every day explanations, such as the one for Discovered Check which involves a little old lady celling flowers in a park.....with a revolver!!!....are enough to slay you.

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