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Logical Chess Move by Move reviewed -- Greatest Book of All Time.  

FOR THE STUDENT....Planning your opening attack with the white pieces? Putting on paper your entire selected defense system with the black pieces?   There is nothing like two first rate all- in -one handbooks just released. Even the pros use these books!  Nunn' Chess Openings (NCO) by English theory wizard John Nunn  (with Burgess,Emms,Gallagher) lists the openings by name, includes a great move-by-move variation index 544 pages later. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED......

Just in time for a student's backpack while  traveling to the 3 million dollar Caesar's Palace world championship  extravaganza this summer, 69 year old A. Matanovic (Chess Informant)  produces his brand new SMALL ENCYCL0PEDIA OF THE CHESS OPENINGS, keyed internationally  with 50 symbols for reading in 200 countries (die kleine, petite, pequena, piccola, liten,  malaya, mala encyclopedia)..The inventor of the "ABCDE" Opening classification system (with Rabar) four decades ago, Mr. Matanovic just keeps ticking merrily with the  premier chess quality he never dreamed   he'd  witness in #74 volume (just released), 4 decades  (and counting!) of his epic " CHESS INFORMANT" series. Leading professionals have every one, Fischer has them in suitcases as he travels. "I don't need more sleep ..I need more Informants!" Fischer  once whispered  during a tough event. Grandmasters have warned Mr. Matanovic that "The space is up to the apartment roof now.. Please, can you make them a little thinner?" and. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

CHESS INFORMANT #74   (Sahovski Informator #74)   Magnificent, 387 pages of chess dynamite, the international world chess bible.The 74th edition by the world leader in chess publication A. Matanovic with annotated notes,keyed in nine languages by 57 symbols. Moreover, there is no serious player in the world who does not know that this is the one with THE GAME.                                                               
Yes, forget the 620 top professional games (plus hundreds more in the notes). Go past 27 middlegame "What move do you play" combinations. Also 18 endgames for practice on the world team versus Kasparov. Zoom on...  Now comes the index with 72 international tourney score tables, list of all games, with deep notes by 259 players(!) from 45 countries. Impressive indeed ...but it all pales. You know what you are here for..THE GAME.#110  Kasparov-Topolov, Wijk aan Zee 1999.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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