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Arthur Dake - the oldest chess grandmaster

ChessFlash Commentary by Jude Acers

Chess News        July 30, 1999 World Championship

Grandmaster Arnold Denker remembers:  During the Great Depression Arthur Dake was a phenomenal speed player, winning 66 percent of the cash pots NO MATTER WHO PLAYED.   Alekhine, all the masters, they came, they played they lost...I remember Dake had to carry a tiny change purse with him at all times to collect his winnings on the spot....You heard that jingle, jingle and you just knew your coins were about to sprout wings of their own -headed toward  a predestined journey to Dake's coin purse. One other thing I remember- that he could not only make his moves with remarkable speed but could also remove the pilfered goods from the table with astonishing speed indeed. It was like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, quite remarkable. You sit there pondering the matter. You would ask 'Where did all those hundreds of little coins go?'...

Many years later when traveling through Portland, I showed Dake what he had always dreaded... a third draw for the asking, found by Botvinnik, in addition to three forced wins -- all vanished, gone... "When the win is in sight-sit on your hands!"- S. Tarrasch, 1891....... 

So, the Dake Honorary International Chess tournament July 11- 20, 1999 will be a fabulous opportunity to meet the man who played one of the great thrillers of all time. He knew em all, played the greats......... All information on the GRANDMASTER ARTHUR W. DAKE TOURNEY is open to the public:  John Donaldson,   Mechanics Institute Chess Director,  57 Post Street San Francisco, California Phone (415) 393-0110 (e-mail: the neat history packed  web page of the  150 year old Mechanics Chess rooms  Also  check out information with the simply charming Joan Arbil -

Jude Acers. New Orleans.